I thought it would be a good idea to post a little bit about me and my place in my particular Burchett line.

I have a BA in History (cum laude) and have been studying genealogy since becoming interested in the history of the American Civil War over 25 years ago. I began searching to see if I had any ancestors who fought in the war (I have quite a few) and since then I have been hooked on understanding not only my families history, but have aided others as well in their family searches.

I am hoping to get my mother and father, who are both living, tested to further help in connecting my my heritage. I have taken the Ancestry DNA test as well as the FamilyTree Y-DNA (37) test.

So, on with my position in the lineage of my furrthest relative, Benjamin Burchett:

Paternal males:
3rd Great GrandfatherBenjamin Burchett (abt. 1809-unknown)
2nd Great Grandfather – Joseph Burchett (abt. 1842-1915)
Great Grandfather – James Marion Burchett (1877-1955), sixth child of eleven
Grandfather – Thomas Amel “Chet” Burchett (1918-1993), sixth child of seven
Father – Billy Joe Burchett (1946-2023), first child of three
Me – Nicholas James Burchett (1966-Living), first child of three
Paternal females:
2nd Great Grandmother – Lucinda Caroline Ervin (1849-unknown), wife of Joseph
Great Grandmother – Carrie Ethel Brown (1894-1969), wife of James
Grandmother – Rosella Delores Shirrell (1927-1996), wife of Thomas


The other surnames that are associated with my paternal line are:
Baker, Blanchard, Boldrey, Bond, Clark, Comyn, Denny, Drury, Felts, Hammond, Hampton, Holmes, Johnson, Leach, Ludwig, Martindill, Moore, Nations, O’Bryan, Pierce, Shuppert, Stanley, Swick, Todd, Upton, Reynolds, Wade, and Waldron

My original results from Ancestry showed me with a high percentage of English, German, Scottish and Swedish. Since then the Swedish has vanished and the Scottish has risen significantly, about even with my Germanic results. A lot of this coincides with my Y-DNA results, which place me in the I-M253 haplogroup, precisely in the area of the North Atlantic/Northern Europe area. The Germanic results were not surprising at all.

*UPDATE 5/24/2022* Ancestry DNA changes a LOT. These original results are not accurate any longer. As of this update it shows 55% English & Northwestern Europe, 13% Eastern Europe and Russia, 10% Baltics, 10% Scotland, 6% Sweden and Denmark, 3% Ireland, 2% Germanic Europe, and 1% Portugal.

*UPDATE 4/04/2024* As of this update it shows 55% England & Northwestern Europe, 12% Scotland, 11% Baltics, 10% Sweden and Denmark, 9% Eastern Europe & Russia, 2% Germanic Europe and 1% Ireland.

My maternal side were 20th century immigrants to the United States from the German/Poland area.