Welcome to the Burchett Project

Welcome! I set this blog up with the intention of focusing on my particular line of Burchett lineage. There are other sites dedicated to Burchett genealogy that go all the way back to England, however, my goal is to break the brick wall that is Benjamin Burchett (b: abt 1809, d: unknown) and open up deeper discoveries for all of his ancestors. Hopefully, this leads us back to the European Burchett’s that the other sites have documented.

There are obviously many spelling variations of the Burchett name. Being that in the 1800’s and early 20th century, most were farmers and had little to no education. So, when asked their name, they most likely could not spell it and the person taking the information went with what they heard. How they pronounced the surname back then may be different than how we pronounce it today.

This leads to a lot of variations in spelling: Birchett, Burtchett, Burchette, Bucket, Birchit, Birket, Birkett, Bircket, Burkett, Birckett, Burket, Burkert, Burget, Burdett, Barnett, Butcher, and many more.

Obviously, with so many variations, making decisive connections is not always cut and dry. Add to the fact that many of the first names tended to be the same (James, Joseph, William, George, John, Thomas, etc.) you can see how difficult it is determining who is related and who isn’t.

One of the other aspects to be researched here is the DNA factor. Hopefully, cousins who have taken DNA tests will popup and can shed light on missing pieces of the Burchett puzzle.

So, the goals of this blog are as follows:

  1. Break the brick wall that is Benjamin Burchett.
  2. Attempt to confirm sourced connections to the Burchett line originating in England.
  3. Connect with distant cousins through DNA.
  4. Open the door to deeper research beyond the United States.
  5. Provide resources for and about other Burchett genealogists.
  6. Provide researchers with resources, records, stories, and other information.
  7. Open discussions about the Burchett line
I will TRY and post and update as frequently as I can or is necessary. Not just for the sake of updating, but if I feel I have something worthwhile to add.
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, and I will do my best to help.