Monthly Archives: July 2020

Ordered my FTDNA Y37 test

I ordered my FamilyTreeDNA Y37 test kit this morning. I was on the fence initially when trying to decide to order it or not.

My first concern is that it would only lead me to Joseph Burchett again and no further. I didn’t want to spend $120 if that was going to happen. I posted my concern on the DNAAncestry subreddit, and the responses were that it helped some of them overcome their brick walls, so I decided to go ahead and spring for it.

Now, once again, the wait. Waiting for it to be shipped, then waiting for it to be shipped back, and then waiting on results! (Can you tell I have an impatient side?)

But seriously, I am looking forward to seeing what the results are and really hope they open things up on my paternal side.